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Our Minneapolis Based Web Design Agency Can Help You Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are In The World

Looking for web design help to give you that professional edge? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to tweak your current site or build an entirely new design, we can help you craft an image and customer experience that is uniquely yours.

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Our Unique Approach To Website Design Services

Our approach is founded on a deep understanding of human psychology. This is what guides us when we work with our clients. It’s the reason we are able to be perceptive in areas where most design agencies are making general assumptions. When we understand what motivates our customers, it makes selling much easier.

Shouldn’t your website be doing that for you?

From Design Strategy to Execution

We start with foundational brainstorm processes that help our customers identify clear opportunities to launch their market-leading products and services.

Analysis and Planning

The most crucial part of web development is understanding what the client wants. Everything else builds off this first step.

Wireframes UX

The customer path-to-purchase must be intuitive, effortless, and memorable.

Design UI

The interactive functions of a website must work together smoothly behind the scenes and reflect the functionality of your company, preserving a customer’s trust.


Servers, programs, and other websites communicate with each other at the speed of light. Our advanced custom coding bridges any gaps.


Even after launch, our work isn’t finished. We test, maintain, and update your new website, solidifying our mutually beneficial business relationship.

Meet Jason Eland

What do I do?

I specialize in human beings, HIPAA, I have a Masters in psychology, and have been doing website design and digital marketing for over 10 years.

And I have a great team to back me up.

Specialized SEO services

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We help you get to the top of the results in Google so you can make more sales. See why we are a top local SEO agency.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

We use psychology, data, and statistical anaylsis to give your content the boost that the search engines love but also converts.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

Technical SEO is important for user experience and ranking. We improve your site performance and identify bottlenecks.


Connecticut Psychological Association

The board of CPA was using an out-of-the-box membership platform for their website. Besides the website having many internal issues, poor user experience, and limited functionality, it was far out of date and frustrated anyone who tried to use it. 

We were able to move the site to a stable platform, create a modern responsive website design, add a robust membership area, and streamline member signup. The experience was truly rewarding for us and the client.
Psychological association Website
Web Design therapist psychologist HIPAA


Life Solutions

Laurie and Jim were venturing professionals with their own counseling services practice. They were in need of a HIPAA-compliant solution for a client portal and booking. Since they were just starting out, they needed something that could accommodate their budget. 

We were happy to work with them to provide a website solution that fit both their budget and their needs.


Sage Healing

Katy Collins came to us after her previous web designer had overcharged her, delayed the project nearly a year, ghosted her calls, and left her without a website or a refund. Being her first experience, it left her feeling distrusting and cynical. 

Jason noticed her post in a therapist marketing group and decided to assist. We built her site in a short timeframe, maintained proper HIPAA compliance, and all at a price Katy was happy with.
Doctor Website design, Psychologist, mental health
Our approach is founded in a deep understanding of human psychology, and this understanding is what guides us when we work with our clients. 

It is the reason we are able to be as perceptive as we are, and pick up on things others may not have noticed in our designs and strategy.  When you understand what motivates your customers it makes selling much easier.

 Since your website is likely your first or second point of contact shouldn’t it make your job of selling easier?

Craft Your Digital Masterpiece

Your website should tell people exactly what to expect from your company, just like the cover of an excellent book. And when they search for what you offer, your website should be at the top of the list. Our responsive designs all start with a psychological perspective. We’ve got your back when it comes to all your website needs—from Shopify to WordPress, our developers are masters of a diverse set of platforms.

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Client Results at the Forefront


Jason has over 10 years local, national, and international SEO experience in multiple industries.
“Eland Consulting helped our organization completely redo our website and automate our complicated membership renewal process. He has been patient, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Please consider Eland Consulting for all our your web design needs!”
Jennifer Doran
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“We worked with Jason on developing our website. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Everything turned out exactly as we wanted and he was comfortable to talk to. I'm very impressed with his work and I highly recommend Jason.”
Jena Johnson
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“Jason and his team are very easy to work with and helped us every step of the way. I have no hesitation recommending Eland Consulting to other small business owners.”
Michele McLane
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.


In addition to having a MA in Psychology, Jason knows HIPAA compliance and consumer protection laws which helps avoid violations.
“I first became aware of Jason’s services when he offered help to a therapist who had been scammed by another web design service. His thoughtful response made me look up his company and I saw that, not only was he a compassionate person, he had design chops and knowledge of the mental health field/hipaa. I engaged his services and am really pleased with the site he created for me. He was patient during all of the back and forth, willing to give his time and talents to getting the site exactly how I wanted it. I highly recommend.”
Elizabeth Brokamp
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“Jason stepped in pro bono after Growth Bandit abandoned their work with me. Jason did a fantastic job and was so patient, kind and attentive to my requests. Not only does my website look amazing, Jason restored my faith in web designers. Thank you, Jason, for all your hard and amazing work. I truly appreciate all you have done for me and my business!”
Katy Collins
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.


Years of testing what works and what doesn’t, shaped our SEO processes and make them efficient.
“Working with Jason has been a pleasure. I am a therapist, not an IT person, so I cannot provide "peer review" of his IT skills, but can say that he has been very knowledgeable and helpful. And, has background in counseling really helps him understand the nuances of what mental health clinicians need for their website - particularly managing HIPAA risks.”
Richard Sethre
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“I reached out to many web designers and hit brick walls at every turn, since the subject matter is pretty specific. Jason took on the task full steam ahead, and I could not be happier!! He continues to help me grow my small business. Very professional and knowledgeable!”
Mysty Peterson
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you build websites for?
We have built websites for many different kinds of businesses over the years. We understand the complexities of compliant websites (Doctors, dentists, mental health providers, insurance, and lawyers) but also have built robust E-commerce solutions, contractor websites (Roofers, HVAC, etc.), non-profits, and every small business website in between. The likelihood is we have built quite a few websites in your business category.
What does the process look like when building a website?
Depending on the size and scope of the project;
We will host a discovery meeting(s) where we discuss your requirements.
We conduct a visual audit of competitors to assist us in creating a design that fits your brand vision but also sets you apart from the competition.
We submit a draft of our initial design for your input.
From there we move to the revision and edit stages.
Once the site is approved we finalize the site and launch.
What is the timeframe to expect a website to be completed in?
It really depends on the type of project. Most projects are completed within 30-60 days or as little as a week. 
However, there are many factors that can impact or delay website development, these two are the most common.
Project complexity. If we are creating a custom web application or you have a very large site (1000 pages+).
The most common is client delay with getting us the required access, content, delayed response to emails, etc.
Do you only work on WordPress websites?
Not at all. We also work on fully custom sites and web applications utilizing a variety of code frameworks as well as full-stack development (CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Django, etc). We also build fully custom Ecommerce solutions on platforms like Shopify or Magento 2.
We got you covered for all your Minneapolis Web Design needs. Whether it is WordPress, Drupal, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, Squarespace, Magento, or fully custom self-hosted sites, we can build it.
Do you build websites on Squarespace or Wix?
If you are looking for a custom solution for WIX or Squarespace we can do that. However, we have a few options that will perform far better for a similar price tag that it would take for us to build on those platforms.
Do you include SEO on websites?
Since we are a search engine optimization (SEO) focused company we take your search rankings seriously. We have seen clients come in after an amazing-looking “website redesign” only to have lost all their traffic due to the agency not following best practices.
Our sites are built with SEO in mind and most aged sites see a noticeable boost in search rankings. However, SEO is an ongoing process that doesn’t end once the site launches and we have packages to help supercharge your organic rankings.
Will I own my website after you are done?
Yes! You own your domain and website. We don’t have “fine print” saying we own or control your website, unlike some more unscrupulous companies.
How much does a website cost?
That is alike asking your realtor to buy you a house. There are a variety of home options at different price points depending on the features you want.
We do have some affordable website packages that are less bespoke web design for small businesses. Contact us we can discuss your project needs and give you a few options so you can do it right the first time.
We have been doing this long enough to know what you need and won’t upsell you on what you don’t.
Do you create web-based applications?
Yes we do. We have full stack developers who can build what you are looking for.
What if I need to change something after my project is complete?
Besides offering training for your new website or application features at launch we also have support documentation for our clients. If you need us to change something in the future we are still going to be around to support you in that endeavor.
Like the oil in your car, your website needs regular tune-ups to protect against bugs and hacking. We have month-to-month maintenance packages or website care plans. As well as hourly support options.
Do you work with HIPAA and will you sign a BAA?
Yes, we do and we will. We take HIPAA compliance very seriously.
Do you supply content for the site?
We can supply the copy for your site. Our copywriters are exceptional and we can include that in our quote.

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Get started now by scheduling an intro call. We’ll talk through your marketing goals, and determine if we’re a great fit.

How long does it take?
A phone, not long at all. I promise we won’t bite. Initial phone calls usually last about 15-20 mins or less. You can call either 612-787-2179 or 612-247-2290 to start your project quote today. Timelines for projects depend on the engagement and scope of work. Website Design takes anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to much longer for larger complex projects. Most small business websites take between 3 to 4 weeks. SEO really depends on the competitive landscape of your industry. Typically, we see upward trends starting in the first month and then more noticeable movement from 3-6 months.
How much does it cost?
Think of us like your digital real estate agent. Just like a real estate agent would need to know your price range. We help you find a winning solution to best match your budget and project requirements. Our goal is to help make your online presence a digital asset that works to earn you more business even while you sleep.
Can I make changes afterwards?
All of our projects are built so you can take control of as much or as little as you would like. If your needs change during the project, we can adjust the scope of work or quote for the new features if it is a drastic change.

Let’s Work Together!

Our mission is to improve your business utilizing a consumer psychology focused approach in our services
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