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Whether you need: Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design/updates, Custom Applications, or just want to find a better way to improve what you are already doing.  We have a consultant who is an expert in their field to assist you.

We treat your business as if it was ours.  Let us know what your pain points are and we will show you how we can assist.

Our Competitive Advantage:

We approach everything from a psychological viewpoint.  The founder has a master’s in psychology which makes every word choice and visual element calculated on depending on the intended audience.  Most agencies only have a high level understanding of what may work, but may not know why, so they cast a wide net at the cost of the client.  Understanding the target demographic matters more to a content marketing campaign than the content.  Marketing that uses a psychological view-point have more impact, better results, and lower cost per conversion.  Each member of our team brings something valuable to the marketing table.

Search Engine Optimization

See why we are experts at what we do.

We offer local and national search engine optimization.  While we are based in Minneapolis our expertise is well beyond the state of Minnesota.  We have many clients who are located in much warmer locations than ours.  Getting your website on the first page is key to increasing revenue but many companies focus on targeting national searches instead of their own doorstep.  Our focus is on quality content that provides you a return while optimizing your website to be the most search friendly for both your visitors and the web-crawlers.  Link building strategies that focus quality links that are relevant to your business increasing your authority in the eyes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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We Craft Campaigns That Are Cost Effective While Maximizing Returns.

While Google Adwords is typically the platform of choice for SEM, there are many other search platforms that have great return for businesses.  Bing, Yahoo (Gemini) to list a few.  You pay for every click instead of how many views of your ads are serviced.  Which means you have to carefully craft who is eligible to view your ad.  It is the different between paying for a click from someone looking for DIY and someone looking to buy.  Your advertising company should actively make sure they are driving qualified leads to your business.  We actively monitor and manage you campaigns to ensure that you are not spending more than you have to.  Good enough isn't in our vocabulary.

Search Engine Marketing

Business Consulting and Sales Conversion Increase.

Besides coming from a few process improvement modalities we help businesses maintain sales growth through customer experience improvements.  Need assistance in finding where you are losing customers online or brick and mortar store?  Need a game plan and implementation to improve?  We can help.  Most customer's do not only consider your marketing campaign or search ranking when making a purchase decision.  What is your brand really saying on the psychological level?

We Help Create Full Social Media Campaigns That Provide Enaged Customers.

Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming for a lot of businesses.  Everyone else seems to have it down but you.  It seems like some businesses just post and people come out of nowhere to comment.  However, when you do it seems to fall on dead ears.  Don't worry It is not you.  There are some things you can do to help make a better campaign.  You can even utilize psychology to improve your social media marketing.  Here is a great article we wrote for the warrior forum on psychology and social media.  When you get done contact us to see what we can do for your social media.

Social Media Marketing And Management

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