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Intuitive Web Design & SEO

A Minneapolis-based Full Service Online Marketing Agency

Our mission is to improve your business utilizing a consumer psychology focused approach in our services

Website Design & Development

It’s vital to align your web presence with your brand and message. Whether you need to refresh your current website or a completely new design, we make sure your clients’ path to purchase is smooth and effortless.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you Google your business, does your page come up first? We help you get to the top of those search results.
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Strategic Marketing Services

Do your marketing platforms coordinate across a single cohesive strategy? We take your current efforts and bring all the pieces together to resonate with a single overarching purpose: to sell your product or service.
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Additional Services

What happens if you Google your business?

- Does your page come up?
- Do you show up on in the top results?
- Does a competitor?

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other indexing search engines have one thing in common they are all algorithmic. Your business is fighting an equation related to how well you should show up to a computer program.

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Your website should draw people in and be visible to anyone who specifically searches for what you have to offer. We’ve got your back for any web design needs – from Shopify to WordPress, our developers are well-versed on a diverse set of platforms. We foster responsive website design, while considering the psychological appeal of the content.

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Local SEO is key to any business strategy whether you are a small business storefront or a multinational company. With most searchers turning to Google Maps Marketing for where to eat or what to do (near me searches), shouldn’t your marketing agency help you dominate the top search results?

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Do you need new business now? Pay per click (PPC) advertising (Google Ads ( AdWords ), Bing, Yahoo’s Gemini, Facebook, etc) is the way to go. We have PPC experts that will use our Psychological based strategies to get better ROI advertising.

Within 24 hours, we can get your campaign up and running!

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Your overall marketing strategy needs to work across all platforms. Marketing Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Print Marketing, Email Campaigns, Sales Funnels, Marketing Automation Social Media Marketing all need to have a consistent message. Do all of your marketing efforts complement each other? Do they build on each other?

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Are you in a business that can’t directly respond to customer reviews (HIPAA Compliant)? Do you keep track of your reviews? Are negative reviews dominating your profiles? We have a system that will monitor your reviews, alert you when you get new reviews, and we can help foster new reviews. We help in mitigating negative reviews and bad press.

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Award-winning SEO & digital services

Every member of our team brings a vital asset to the table. We approach all our work from a psychological perspective.

Founder Jason Eland has a Master’s degree in Psychology, and he ensures that every word and visual element of your website is carefully calculated to engage your specific audience. 

Most web marketing agencies boast a high level of knowledge of what tactics might get results but rarely stop to understand why these tactics work. So they cast a wide net at the client’s expense. We understand how to target audiences based on psychographic analysis rather than outdated demographic models. This psychological approach has a deeper impact, better results, and lower conversion costs.

Top SEO Agencies
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Client Results at the Forefront


Jason has over 10 years local, national, and international SEO experience in multiple industries.
“I learned more about SEO in a 15 minute conversation with Jason than I did in the 10+ hours that I spent researching it on my own. I’ve been relieved to trust this work to experts!”
Jessica Smith, LMFT
Mental Health Clinic Owner
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“Jason is wonderful. His knowledge in his field is unmatched. His work has increased my productivity and increased my client base by 50 percent in a very short period of time. Jason is very personable, extremely helpful and patient I highly recommend working with him.”
Jackie Levin, MS, MA, LMFT
Private Practice Owner
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.


In addition to having a MA in Psychology, Jason knows HIPAA compliance and consumer protection laws which helps avoid violations.
“I cannot recommend Jason and his team with Eland Consulting enough. Jason is exceptionally knowledgeable about not only SEO but also best practices when it comes to increasing SEO for healthcare professionals (like therapists, counselors, psychologists, etc.) Jason is creative, responsive, and cares about his clients. If you are looking for SEO expertise, look no further!”
Hayley Kirchoff, LMHC, NCC
Private Practice Owner
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“If your looking to work with a trustworthy SEO company this is the company for you. Jason SEO knowledge is out this world and I can truly say that without a doubt. His SEO feedback is helping me grow my business!”
Keisha Davis
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.


Years of testing what works and what doesn’t, shaped our SEO processes and make them efficient.
“I hired Eland Consulting to get a better position for my business on Google Search. Within our first 45 minutes with Jason and some of his magic, I was on the first page!!! 60 minutes after our first session, I received a new order. So thrilled to be working with Jason to help with my SEO ‘stuff’.”
Mindy Todd
Florist Owner
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
“Awesome work! Very knowledgeable.”
Kyle Keller -CEO
Multi-Location Franchise Clinic Owner
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

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We’re a talented global team creating digital experiences that merge imagination and technology. Sound good? We’re hiring.
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Get started now by scheduling an intro call. We’ll talk through your marketing goals, and determine if we’re a great fit.

How long does it take?
A phone, not long at all. I promise we won’t bite. Initial phone calls usually last about 15-20 mins or less. You can call either 612-787-2179 or 612-247-2290 to start your project quote today. Timelines for projects depend on the engagement and scope of work. Website Design takes anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to much longer for larger complex projects. Most small business websites take between 3 to 4 weeks. SEO really depends on the competitive landscape of your industry. Typically, we see upward trends starting in the first month and then more noticeable movement from 3-6 months.
How much does it cost?
Think of us like your digital real estate agent. Just like a real estate agent would need to know your price range. We help you find a winning solution to best match your budget and project requirements. Our goal is to help make your online presence a digital asset that works to earn you more business even while you sleep.
Can I make changes afterwards?
All of our projects are built so you can take control of as much or as little as you would like. If your needs change during the project, we can adjust the scope of work or quote for the new features if it is a drastic change.

Let’s Work Together!

Our mission is to improve your business utilizing a consumer psychology focused approach in our services
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