Marketing Services

Marketing Services We Offer:

Market Strategy:

Whether you are a small business owner attempting to define who and how to market your services, or an established brand attempting to polish your current strategy, we can help. The face of marketing has changed and is changing every day.  Old methods can still be effective depending on your target audience and should not be ignored.  While new digital methods should be carefully and strategically crafted because today’s consumer is much more informed.  With so many stimuli competing for their attention  you need a game plan to achieve your goals.

Social/Digital Media: 

Have you thought about your online image?  Do you feel like you are just throwing money at your ads without seeing any results?  No matter your budget we have solutions to help you get you there.

  • AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and many other digital media streams.
  • Video, graphic design, custom photography for branding and getting your best ad campaign created.
  • The promise that all Ad content will be under license for commercial use or custom-made for you.
  • Online presence audit and change suggestions to maximize conversions.

Public Relations:

Have a very public problem and need help managing it?  Press releases, planning on how to mitigate loss, and strategies on when it is best to remain silent.  We also have referrals for legal assistance when needed.


Attempting to boost traffic for your online store/ website or making a product description utilizing search engine optimized keywords?  Now more than ever, what is in your product description matters more than what you are selling.  Products that use more organically flowing keywords rank higher in product searches than just a good picture and basic description.

We offer PPC/SEM, SEO, and traditional marketing options.  However, every option comes with a psychological evaluation of your conversion funnels.

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