Web Security and Site Clean Up

Cleaning a compromised website should be fast and preventing one is possible.

Cleaning up your site after a hack is devastating.  All the work you put into the site’s organic ranking is likely gone.  The longer it is infected, the worse the traffic loss is.  After working in the SEO industry we have come across many clients who have had their site compromised who wanted to fix their rankings.  Over the years we have learned how to fix your site quickly and we can help you regain your ranking.

According to Sucuri 38% of the sites they work on are related to search engine poisoning which is the fastest growing attack.  Also over 60% of sites that are infected are compromised with a backdoor in the system.

This backdoor is why you can “fix” a problem but it comes back hours, weeks, months later.  Without fixing the backdoor you are leaving your site unsecured.

There are many ways hackers gain a foothold in your site.  Outdated plugins, themes, WordPress, brute force attacks, weak passwords, or your host provider’s shared server vulnerabilities.

A compromised website is no joking matter and you should have someone who can fix the problem fast and mitigate your company’s losses.  As well as help you regain your search ranking.

Contact us to go over your security needs and how we add piece of mind knowing your site is protected and not compromised.

Here are some helpful guides:

For those with a wordpress or Magento site who want to clean up their site.

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

How to Clean a Hacked Magento Site

If you have a Google Black list "This site may be is hacked" warning when you show up in search results here is what you need to do to fix it.

How to Remove a Google Blacklist Warning

For those who don't know what a blacklist is and why cleaning up your site quickly is important.

What is a Google Blacklist?

How to check if your website is compromised.

Sucuri has a great tool for checking your website for many common hacks and is updated regularly.

Check your site now. (Opens in a new tab)