HIPAA Digital Assessment

Many Security Issues Are Easily Preventable.
Do You Know What to Look For?

Providers tend to spend a fortune on locking up the physical gate and internal networks when it comes to HIPAA, but then leave the keys in the “digital backdoor.”

Some Violations May Seem “Obvious” But They Still Happen.

A small dental practice responded to a positive social media review with the patient’s last name and the service provided.

They were forced to settle for $10,000.

While Others Are Not So Apparent.

A web developer left a database publicly searchable on Google exposing hundreds of patient records. The practice was on the hook for over $100k in fines.
The same thing happened to a larger company in 2014 costing $4.8 million in fines.

Are you exposed?

Take the five-minute assessment below and find out!