Yinshaokie (Solomon)

Yinshaokie (Solomon) is one of our dedicated online media marketers. He has managed many successful campaigns and his own marketing company (Colossus Marketing) before they joined EC. He moved from Fresno, California to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1997. His parents were entrepreneurs and opened The Best Steak House on University Avenue, and Pretzelmaker in Maplewood, Minnesota. He grew up learning about small business’ and from then on has had an above and beyond work ethic. He studied Legal Studies, Mediation, and Communication at the University of Wisconsin, Superior and proceeded to work in a fast, upscale environment after college at Johnson Law Office. Passionate about Mediation and Communication, he pursued his dream by working with business owners to help create their dreams. His favorite quote “Help Others Achieve Their Dreams and You Will Achieve Yours. – Les Brown”. Grateful for an amazing opportunity to help business owners, he makes sure that any new client will achieve their dream as well.